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Küçült Yazı Tipi Büyüt

1) The evaluation of the applications is made according to the procedures determined in this directive. The University is free to fill the quotas announced. Meeting the application requirements does not require admission to the department and / or program.
2) The applicants' applications are evaluated by the International Student Admissions Commission.
3) Placements of those whose applications are considered valid within the scope of the quota announced are made by the relevant board of directors.
4) In the international student placements, the points, conditions and ranking shown in Table-2 are taken as basis.
5) The number of candidates who are admitted to a Faculty / School / Conservatory / Vocational School from the same country may not exceed 30% of the total student quota of the programs connected to the relevant Faculty / School / Conservatory / Vocational School. If the quota is not filled, this condition is not sought.
6) In accordance with the Turkish Citizenship Law, which has the opportunity to apply for student admission quotas in accordance with the Law of Law no. Candidates who certify that they have the Recognized Rights Use Certificate (blue card) continued their secondary education abroad. He continued his secondary education (high school) before 01/02/2013 and for the last three years, excluding TRNC. 10% of the quotas of bilateral candidates who have completed high school education in a country or high school education abroad (except for TRNC high schools) and one of which is a Turkish citizen cannot be exceeded for these candidates only for Education, Law, Medicine and Dentistry programs.
7) In case of equality in placement scores, if the equality is not disturbed first, the Secondary Education Achievement Score is checked, in case of re-equality, the younger candidate is preferred and placement is made.
8) In addition to the general conditions mentioned above, applicants who apply to departments that accept students with a special aptitude test must be successful in the Special Aptitude Examination to be held by our University. It is made according to the criteria.

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