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Turkish Language Proficiency

Küçült Yazı Tipi Büyüt

1) Candidates who are entitled to enroll in a program that is fully or partially taught in a foreign language are enrolled in the Regulation on the Principles to be followed in Teaching Foreign Languages ​​and Teaching in Foreign Languages ​​in Higher Education Institutions, Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University School of Foreign Languages ​​Department of Foreign Languages ​​Education and Examination. Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University Faculty of Theology is obliged to comply with the Compulsory Arabic Preparatory Class Education and Examination Regulations.
2) In order for the candidates who are entitled to enrollment to start education, the Turkish language proficiency certificates taken by the Turkish language exam to be held by Karaelmas (TÖMER) or other institutions and organizations in our university and whose equivalence is approved by Karaelmas (TÖMER) are successful. they must certify that they are. Those whose Turkish level is insufficient are given a period of 1 year where they will be considered on leave. An additional year is given for those who cannot improve their Turkish level at the end of one year. However, this additional period is counted from the education period. Candidates who are on leave are required to certify that the level of Turkish is sufficient during the registration period at the beginning of the academic year following the year in which they earn the right to enroll, with a document obtained from centers providing Turkish education accepted by Karaelmas TÖMER or YÖK and proving that the candidate is successful. Otherwise, they lose their right to register.
3) Turkish Language Proficiency documents taken at C1 level according to the European Language Portfolio (ADP) language level and approved by Karaelmas TÖMER are considered successful in the results of the Turkish Diploma Exam conducted by Yunus Emre Institute and other Universities' Turkish Teaching Application and Research Center. It is registered to the program that it gained the right to enroll and it can start education.
4) With the Law No. 6569, preparatory education periods are determined as maximum 2 years. All preparatory education (Turkish / English / German / Arabic) must be completed within the specified time. During this period, the records of those who are not successful in preparatory education are deleted.

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