Extending Residence Application

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Students must renew or protract their residence permit during their education. Students can take a new residence permit from local  security authorities within 15 days after the end of the date written on their residence permit on condition that they certify their continuity in education. The ones whose residence address has changed have to inform their new address to the local security authorities they left or got transferred in 48 hours.

If the residence permit is lost, a new one must be got by applying to the relevant authorities within 15 days. If not renewed, foreign students who violate visas and residence have to pay punitive tuition fee in accordance with Law 492.
These foreigners are not allowed to enter the country from 3-7 years  in paralel to the period of time of violation.
The students themselves are responsible for meeting all the costs associated with the process of residence permit.


  • 5 head shots
  • The passport (original)
  • The photocopy of the passport  (the page with picture, the pages which show  last entrance and passport validity)
  • 172 TL for residence permit document fee
  • Cost of living guarantee   (currency exchange receipt or TL bank account in exchange for $ 1200 )
  • Student document with new date or  acceptance letter
  • Written statement of Residence form (the student must indicate the address where s/he will stay)
  • Documents of Addition 1 addition 2 (After the exact registration to the university these will be taken from student affairs and then must be delivered foreigners section) 

Address: Provincial security directorate foreigners section residence Office

Points to take into consideration

  • The private students are subject to tourist visa and the cost of living guarantee is $500 per month.
  • Provincial security directorate foreigners section demand council signet for the documents that are taken from student affairs even if letterhead is used.
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