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The main aim of the International Students Office is to introduce the Bülent Ecevit University in international platforms. Moreover;

  • To inform the incoming international students by our web-page and to make the necessary announcements,
  • To inform international students on applying and acceptance to Undergraduate and Post-graduate programs,
  • To provide information about campus introduction, dormitory, health services and satisfy the cultural need, and prepare the orientation program,
  • To make our students feel the privilege of having educated in Bülent Ecevit University both in academic and in socio-cultural sense,
  • To arrange social, cultural and artistic facilities by defining the meaningful days for international students,
  • To arrange social programs for students,
  • To give opportunity to our international students for introducing their countries and to introduce our country by meeting and solidarity meetings, cultural travels and student festivals,
  • To support students for producing solution in accordance with their demand and need,
  • To arrange social activities that will introduce and endear the culture of our country,
  • To form International Student Community for to enable the communication between students.


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