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Disabled Student Services

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There is a legal committee called “Non-Disabled ZBEU” at Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University which provides facilities for students who require special medical attention during their education. Physically disabled students, students who have hearing defects, visual defects, hyperactive students, students with dyslexia, students with epilepsy and diabetes can benefit from these facilities.

Equality of sexes, integration of disabled students and fight with xenophobia are important issues in our university. Our university meets the needs of disabled people, there are lifts and ramps in faculties.

The Aims of the Non-Disabled Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University Unit:

To support all disabled students at ZBEU academically, socially and culturally,
To eliminate all the prejudice existing against disabled people both in our university and outside, and increase social and academic awareness,
To help disabled students cope with the physical and attitude difficulties they face in academic and social life,
To work on determining the needs of the disabled staff in our university and their disabled relatives to provide them with services,
To plan services to make our university accessible for all individuals
Director of Non-Disabled BEU: Prof. Dr. Seyfullah KARA (Vice Rector of ZBEU)
Phone : +90 372 291 16 21
E-mail: skara

Coordinator of Non-Disabled ZBEU: Sociologist Hakan KALYON
Phone :+90 372 291 17 95
E-mail: hakankalyon
E-mail of Non-Disabled ZBEU: engelsiz

Click here to access Non-Disabled ZBEU website.
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